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Can you feel it in the air?

Winter Summit is coming.

That time of year when people from all over the world gather in Miami, Florida. Each in the name of turning our dreams into reality.

Whether you’re just getting into the self-improvement scene or a battle-worn veteran…

This is an event you do NOT want to miss!

If you’re looking to improve your confidence and social skills… learn how to rub shoulders with the creme de la creme… or become the best version of you that you can be… Winter Summit will help you get there 1,000x faster!

This is the ONLY event of the year where our top instructors are in
one place to give you invaluable in-person help.

They’ll treat you to 5 entire days of dynamite information, life-changing perspectives, and masterful techniques to help you achieve permanent positive change. Not to mention exercises and drills to quickly internalize everything you’re learning.
And when night falls, you’ll get to hit Miami’s sizzling social scene. With our instructors leading the way, you’ll experience firsthand the incredible results your budding social skills can bring you. Results you might not even think are possible, packaged in 5 unforgettable nights of fun!

With those kind of resources at hand, you’ll have the opportunity to both accelerate your journey of self-discovery and become significantly more efficient with it. You’ll get to your destination sooner, with less effort - and you’ll learn how to have a blast the entire way there.


Accommodations can be booked anywhere in Downtown Miami and will be in close proximity to the event


Some Recommended Hotels:

  • Courtyard by Marriott Miami Downtown/Brickell Area
  • Intercontinental Miami Hotel
  • Holiday Inn Port of Miami-Downtown

Some Recommended Airlines:

  • American Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • Frontier Airlines

Miami International Airport is the closest major airport to the Winter Summit. Fort Lauderdale Airport is the second closest major airport alternatively.






Experience the New You With Your
World-Class Instructors


A veteran of the industry for over 15 years, Derek is like the Nick Fury of self development.. He’s spent the last decade training and mentoring multiple different coaches, teaching them how to help people create mind-blowing changes in his own unique style.

Derek doesn’t maintain a social media presence, so it’s impossible to find any of his stuff online. Only at live events like Winter Summit can you hear the invaluable lessons he has to impart, making events like Winter Summit an especially rare opportunity. This is also Derek’s last year of coaching with - so if you’ve been meaning to hear him speak, this could literally be your last chance! Derek will help you:
  • Develop a magnetic form of self-expression entirely unique to who you are… one that will charm the pants off of everyone you meet and almost immediately make them feel a special bond with you!
  • Accelerate your learning curve with insightful feedback tailored for you, personally. By pointing out the biggest obstacles on your path to self-actualization, you’ll be able to tackle them head-on and make much faster progress.
  • Uncover your “alpha personality,” the true you underneath all that social conditioning. Determination to smash your goals… confidence that subtly commands respect… a mindset that fosters abundance… with all these in your arsenal, nothing stands in your way.


When it comes to removing obstacles and tapping into your subconscious potential, Julien is an absolute wizard. One of Tyler’s OG proteges, Julien now trots the globe helping people explore their own mental and emotional depths… and emerge victorious as better, healthier, stronger versions of themselves. Versions more capable of bringing their dreams to life.

Julien’s specialty lies in helping people release themselves from the suffocating grip of fear and anxiety. His idea is that these two emotions are the root of 99% of people’s mental blocks that hold them back… and his track record of thousands of successful students suggests he’s on to something. When you work with Julien, you’ll get top-tier assistance to:
  • Set yourself up for inevitable success by clearing the path before you of as many obstacles as possible. Without road hazards like self-doubt, anxiety, and self-sabotage, you’ll have a much smoother ride on your way to your full transformation.
  • Dive deep into your subconscious to first identify and then obliterate the roots of whatever trauma or social conditioning is holding you back. You’ll emerge a freer, more fearless version of yourself - and with less fear comes increased capability.
  • Inoculate your subconscious against the social poisons that imprisoned you in the first place. You’ll be protected from everyday threats like toxic people and negative thought patterns, so you’ll be able to keep your newfound freedom untainted.




Few men embody social freedom the way Jeff does. With a biting wit and fearlessly expressive personality to match, he knows how to capture the hearts and minds of entire crowds just by being who he is. His goal for every student is to help them achieve this same level of charisma - a more charming and intriguing version of themselves that sucks people in.

Jeffy’s specialty is centered around helping people unclog their channels of self-expression and communication. When you can freely express yourself in a way that aligns with social norms and your true personality, you’ll begin to form intimate bonds with people almost effortlessly. Jeffy will help you to:
  • Break down the walls of self-doubt and fear of rejection keeping you caged up and stifling your communicative skills. Without these insecurities inhibiting how you express yourself to other people, your conversations will suddenly flow like rivers.
  • Unlock your true charisma hiding underneath layers of anxiety and negative social conditioning. You’ll learn the social skills and foundation for confidence necessary to capture people’s interest and get them to open up to you.
  • Plant seeds in your belief system that grow over time, passively increasing your expressiveness and vivacity until you’re brimming with life - your fears and insecurities nothing more than distant memories.


Having turned the quest for self-mastery into a lifelong pursuit, only one man stands above the rest. Tyler’s transformative journey has made him a part of relationships and experiences he never thought possible - especially for someone like him. Now, those relationships and experiences form the basis of his daily life, allowing him to teach others to build the same success into the framework of their lives.

Tyler focuses on building a base of self-acceptance from which to launch yourself to never-before-reached heights. You will learn to think, speak, and act with higher status - thereby building a high-quality lifestyle few people are ever able to create. With Tyler’s guidance, you’ll:
  • Experience mind-bending paradigm shifts where you’ll elevate your status through upgraded communication channels and social skills. These are the skills and perspectives you’re going to use to construct your ultra high-quality life.
  • Uncover the blueprint for attracting the people, the opportunities, and the life only a few people ever get to know about. Internalize this skill for life with simple but powerful step-by-step exercises.
  • Destroy “lower status” beliefs and behaviors dragging down your evolution. When you understand how to not care about being judged, entire avenues of opportunity open up before you. And quite a number of them lead to the world of High Status.


Marczell was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Although Marczell was born to a wealthy and loving family, when the market crashed in 2008, it took a toll on his parents and their health.

By 16, Marczell was obsessed with human behavior and studied day and night to figure out how people work. He experimented on himself until he achieved an incredible sense of self-confidence and wanted to share it with the world.

By 17, Marczell started coaching his first clients and quickly learned something was missing. He realized he was working with the conscious mind and in order to make the fast long-lasting change, he needed to figure out ways to reprogram the unconscious. He soon discovered the keys to communication and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. 
Since then, he has personally helped over 1,000 people overcome fears, reach extreme confidence, and most importantly reach their peak potential.

Marczell's subconscious reprogramming system is widespread in Los Angeles and is among one of the most popular in the nation. He has mastered basic principles that increase success and is self-made already in his early 20’s.

The only other entrepreneur in this field to reach this level of success by twenty-one was Tony Robbins. Marczell is well on his way to becoming the new and improved version of Tony...

His deep passion to teach people how to live out of abundance and love instead of constructing themselves through fear and a closed-off mentality.

He knows making a real difference in someone’s life is about helping them EVOLVE.
  • To improve EVERY element of life, not just one. That starts with SHATTERING Limiting Beliefs that are holding you back.
  • He is here to be a part of your journey… Shifting you out of the place you’re currently at in life to where you want to be.
  • This is the shift he made when he made the decision to change his life. Now it’s your turn to make that change...
  • Just do one thing, if anything, DO NOT wait for permission to live life on your terms… or wait for some “BIG EVENT” before you decide to STEP UP.
  • Do it now! Live the life YOU WANT TO LIVE and let’s share that journey together.


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